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Improved Effort after the roll?

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  • Improved Effort after the roll?

    Is it valid to activate a quality/use advantage to get Improved Effort, after seeing the result of the die roll? Or do you need to do any influencing on the roll before it actually happens?

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    My initial thought is "yes," provided that the activated quality makes sense and the Improved Effort helps move the scenario forward. For example, say Batman is investigating a crime scene and is using his Awareness or Criminology skill to look for clues. On the die roll, the player's result is a success and the player the decides to use the quality, "World's Greatest Detective" so that Batman not only finds a clue, but is able to determine the most likely source to investigate further.

    Hence, the scenario moves forward and Batman is now investigating the possible source of the clue which may be a dead-end or lead to a confrontation with the adversary or the associates, depending on what the GM planned.


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      I don't think it's valid to use Extra Effort after the roll to increase the rank of the effect or the bonus on the roll.
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