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Question about Damage Reduction

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  • Question about Damage Reduction

    Maybe I'm missing something in my reading, but if somebody has damage reduction of ten, are they effectively invulnerable? If ten is the max, and the power automatically subtracts ten from the effect, how are they supposed to be damaged?

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    While they won't take Stamina damage from attacks, it is possible to score slams or stuns against such opponents if a group makes a combined effort and spend Determination points to overcome or at least match the resistance level.

    Its kinda of like when Spiderman fought the Juggernaut. While Spidey couldn't bypass Juggernauts' invulnerability he did managed to lure Juggs into a pit of drying cement which immobilized him for a time.


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      Okay. That's kind of what I was thinking, but I wasn't sure. So a 10 for durability is something that I'll only use for a specific character I have in mind. Thanks.