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Great Power vs Assembled Edition

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  • Great Power vs Assembled Edition

    Is Great Power technically necessary if you have the Assembled Edition? Or does it boil down to example powers, now that Assembled incoporates its tables and rules on powers?

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    Re: Great Power vs Assembled Edition

    Sort of. A lot of the rules from Great Power carried over into the Assembled Edition, but not all of them. There are still a couple differences in power descriptions between the editions. For example, in Great Power, Immortality is always ranked at level 10, with no granularity between levels, whereas the Assembled Edition makes it so that the level of Immortality determines how much time passes between death and not-dead-again.

    But then again, Great Power also has a bunch of powers that aren't covered in the Assembled Edition, like Darkness Control and Gravity Control and all those extras for Force Control - both of which have unique mechanics that aren't easily replicated by anything found in the Assembled Edition.

    So, yeah, Great Power isn't necessary. Assembled Edition has a lot of those updated power-rules, and is very broad in it's applications, but Great Power is great for helping with examples of different powers and the way they are modeled using the rules, as well as a ton of suggestions for extras and limits and the like with those rules, in addition to those powers which didn't make it to the Assembled Edition. I'm also pretty certain Great Power added a bunch of extras for various powers which were unique to various powers, so there's that too.

    So, while it's not totally necessary, it's a really useful guide, and on occasion, has rules for stuff that Icons:AE doesn't have good rules for.