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Worlds Most Wanted #9 - The Malleable Man

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  • Worlds Most Wanted #9 - The Malleable Man

    Worlds Most Wanted helps you get to the fun faster with pregenerated villains and adventure hooks.
    Frank Lenovese is the head of the most successful crime organization in The City. He also secretly has a career as a supervillain - the Malleable Man,

    Lenovese can stretch his body to incredible length, flatten himself until he's effectively two dimensional and disguise himself as almost any object, animal or person.

    Frank can infiltrate any stronghold with these abilities. He can gather intel on his adversaries in other mobs (and in the local police force and FBI) and quietly eliminate anyone who is too troublesome.

    This has allowed the Lenovese crime family to expand. Soon, they might even take over The City.

    Do your heroes have what it takes to stop this ductile desperado?