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Playing Hero World's Villain Showcase

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  • Playing Hero World's Villain Showcase

    I've decided to try my hand at creating content for ICONS for it's a game I wish to expand from the bottom of my heart.

    What better way to rally Heroes, if not with villains?
    This is what Villain Showcase is all about: Giving your play group a villain that can push the PCs into becoming better heroes, or at least reflecting their heroism on their actions.

    The Patrick Starfish look-a-like here is Destiny's Rock. An intergalactic terrorist with a chip on his shoulder for the concept of 'heroism'.
    When he arrived in Earth, the bright colors, the bravado, the capes... They all drove him mad.
    He Hates Heroes because they remind him of his failure.

    Anyway it's out now!