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Space Supers#13 - The Zeta Men

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  • Space Supers#13 - The Zeta Men

    Space Supers is a line of characters pdfs set in the universe of the Cosmic Supers setting The Great Game for the ICONS RPG.

    The Zeta Men are an eclectic group of rebels and outcasts gathered together by a former Promethean Warrior - the Janissary Pallox. They now battle against the Greater Dark and the forces of entropy that threaten the galaxy.

    The Zeta Men are:

    A reformed Null Sister
    A Bloodstone Protector who has defected and is now seeking redemption for her past crimes
    A grizzled, veteran Ghost Light Centurion
    A Mech Centrality transforming robot who has grown fond of biological organisms and rebelled against his cold-hearted masters.
    and an ancient Janissary warrior Pallox who fought for the Prometheans ages ago in their last open struggle against the Greater Dark

    These characters are ready for immediate action in your Cosmic ICONS game as NPCs, antagonists or even PCs for a quickstart game.