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  • ICONS Character Generator app

    Hey, folks. I'm new here, but I recently got a new app and I thought you all might enjoy it. It's called "HeroMaker", it's a random character generator for ICONS.

    My GM uses it all the time to populate "background characters", like the prisoners of a supervillain jail or the NPCs in a crowd of mutant protesters. It's great for whipping up batches of characters, too, like a rival super-team or a complete rogue's gallery for a new hero.

    Anyway, it works on iPhone and iPad, and you can check it out here:

    I thought it might be fun to share some random ICONS characters that we generated. Here's one I made with the app this weekend:

    Dream Walker
    Prowess - Great (6)
    Coordination - Great (6)
    Strength - Fair (4)
    Intellect - Good (5)
    Awareness - Good (5)
    Willpower - Good (5)

    Dream Control 5
    Astral Projection 5

    3 Specialties (Mental Resistance expert, Stealth)
    Stamina 9, Determination 4

    Jason Davies was a normal kid, until he was hit by a car on his 15th birthday. He wound up in a coma, and for years no one thought he would recover. Eventually, though, his father Hank started having fitful dreams every night, and it wasn't long before he realized his son was communicating to him through dreams. Hank began working with his son every night, training him to focus his abilities until eventually Jason could enter and even control the dreams of anyone he wanted.

    Then, one night, someone broke into Hank's house as he was sleeping. Jason, sensing his father's distress as he was jolted awake, summoned a great effort of will and forced himself to manifest in his father's living room. He quickly defeated the robber, and eventually adopted the name Dream Walker. Jason still lies peacefully at Saint Walker Memorial Hospital, and none of his nurses suspect that his spirit is out there fighting crime every night.