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Texas Flood Relief Bundle is live on RPGNOW

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  • Texas Flood Relief Bundle is live on RPGNOW

    Massive rainfall and flooding has hit Texas in recent weeks.
    As they have done often in the past, the RPG publisher community has come together to help those in need.

    A charity bundle has been created on RPGNOW - with all proceeds going directly to the flood relief efforts of the Texas Red Cross. (You can donate to them directly by going here.)

    The bundle contains over $150 in pdfs but is priced at just $20.

    Contributing publishers include

    Pinnacle Entertainment - who have contributed an adventure for the Eastern Texas University setting
    Hero Games - who have contributed Fantasy HERO Complete
    Ad Infinitum Adventures - who have contribute ICONS: Great Power
    Green Ronin - who have contributed the Player's Guide to Emerald City
    Melior Via - contributed the Accursed Player Guide and Hope Prep School Freshman Handbook (ICONS)
    Rogue Genius Games - have generously contributed most (if not all) of their Super Powered Bestiary for M&M3e
    Battlefield Press - have contributed The Double Spiral War (Novel Trilogy Omnibus)
    Hazard Studios - have kicked in a TON of their SUPERS! RPG line - including the two adventures Scene Stealers 1 and 2.
    BASIC Action Games - BASH! Fantasy Edition and Awesome Powers Vol. 1 Elemental Powers for BASH
    Blackfall Press - Cold Steel Wardens
    Xion Studios - has generously donated a large handful of pdfs set in their lavishly illustrated Watchguard setting for M&M3e.
    Fainting Goat Games - Stark City for ICONS

    And - I'm sure I've missed a few others.

    Please check out that bundle and also please help us spread the word about this on social media.