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  • [Kickstarter] British Superhero Sourcebook

    Golden Heroes is back...well almost


    A Superhero sourcebook for the United Kingdom. Based on the scenarios of THE British Superhero game of the mid 80’s.

    Back in the day, there was a superhero RPG published in the UK. It was originally an A5 printed booklet, then a box set with two supplements, a couple of boxes of lead figures, some articles and scenarios in a certain gaming magazines. Its name is own by a third party so cannot be mentioned, let’s just say some of the Heroes were Golden

    Well that was 30 years ago, and we still have a soft spot for the original game. Which is where Legacy comes in. [Redacted]* was a superhero game set in the UK, what Legacy does is, to take those original scenarios and articles, update and expand on them and create a coherent universe, where the UK is the predominated place for superheroes.

    These are the old scenarios used to create a universe for British Heroes.

    Crossfire (an Alien Exchange) Legacy of Eagles
    Queen Victoria and the Holy Grail
    The Lancelot Caper (unpublished)
    American Dream
    Peking Duck
    Pilcomayo Project
    Contagion, Coincidence & Confusion

    The goal for this project is get enough money to pay for proofreading and editing. Nothing too ambitious. Nice and simple.

    This is Legacy, a sourcebook for roleplaying superheroes on the streets on the streets of the UK. The book which currently stands at 140 pages will have background material on why some people are superpowered and other aren’t, it will have details of various Villains old and new, there is an origin scenario which is an update of the Pilcomayo Project.

    The book will also contain: stuff on Time Travel, parallel dimensions, the source of both magic and superpowers, there is a chapter America, the EAGLES (from Legacy of EAGLES), a vast array of background information , The book also includes a century of Heroes, a year by year almanac of heroes since 1900. And details of the Official British superhero teams since 1899. Including the Queens own Shadow V.
    All in all, it is everything you might need to run a superhero adventure in the United Kingdom.

    This Sceptered Isle has called. Its time to talc up the spandex and get pledging:

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    Re: [Kickstarter] British Superhero Sourcebook

    If the stretch goals are met full conversion for ICONS...


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      Re: [Kickstarter] British Superhero Sourcebook

      Draft snippet

      Another Earth
      On one universe is the Eagleverse on the other is the world of the Kestrels, the Kestrelverse. Time split the universe in two when HMSS Mary Rose VII a beagle cl
      ass scientific vessel fell through time from the far flung future. It fell 6,000 years ago causing the Storegga slide, which in turn caused a Tsunami flooding the land bridge between the UK from the rest of Europe. This event is when the timeline split creating an alternate world.

      For the sake of simplicity these are the Eagleverse and the Kestrelverse however no one truly knows which one is the true earth.

      Travelling to this other world is extremely difficult. Very few have crossed over. Hard but not impossible.

      There are some major differences between the two.
      The Kestrelverse.

      -In the 1950s the Americans detonated a nuke on the moon. It split in two. This is the easy way to tell you are in the Kestrelverse.
      -In the 1980s American Scientists built a massive shield (a sort of force field) which covers the whole of the USA, shutting off from the rest of the world, to protect it. However just as the shield was turned on Yellowstone super-volcano erupted, there has been no contact with the USA for 30 years
      -Since the US has gone quite, The UK has rebuilt its Empire, and has, once again, become the worlds police force.

      The Kestrels are the British Empires premier superhero team.


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        Re: [Kickstarter] British Superhero Sourcebook

        I bought the original "Golden Heroes" boxed set as a teenager when it was published 30 years ago. As a kid from California who became a little bit of an anglophile from watching various BBC TV programs on my local PBS station, but who'd already played "Villains & Vigilantes" and later "Champions" with my teenaged friends, I bought "Golden Heroes" not expecting to play it, but rather hoping that it would analyze and explain to me what made British super heroes (my favorites at the time were "Miracleman" and "Judge Dredd") uniquely British and/or what imbued in certain famous British comic book writers, like Alan Moore, their unique perspective on American super hero characters. Whether or not that expectation was reasonable, I was disappointed that the game didn't seem to do that at all (at least as I read it).

        The game was not well distributed where I lived in Southern California back then. That disappointment caused me not to take the extraordinary step of mail ordering either "Legacy of Eagles" or "Queen Victoria and the Holy Grail" when they were subsequently released. But many times in subsequent years I particularly wished I'd bought "Queen Victoria and the Holy Grail" because the premise (and cover artwork) really intrigued me. Now both of those supplements are listed for sale only rarely on ebay in the United States (as far as I can tell, anyway), and when they are, they are usually listed at prices that vastly exceed my current enthusiasm 30 years later.

        This is my long-winded way of saying that I'd definitely buy this new book, when it's available in hard copy in the United States.


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          Re: [Kickstarter] British Superhero Sourcebook

          That's the thing with GH, those who played it, still after all this time have a soft spot for it.

          The hardback/softback versions will be through print on demand, via Drivethru/rpgnow


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            Re: [Kickstarter] British Superhero Sourcebook

            This is the set up for the potential forth scenario. It is set in both England and the Town of Deadwood, in the US

            The Siege of Deadwood.*The date is 30 June 1865.

            For various reasons you find yourself sitting in the saloon in the town of Deadwood.

            Suddenly there is a scream and woman runs in the bar and screams "Chinatown is burning". Everyone runs out.*

            Before you can leave a filthy looking Hick stops you, "Boss, youse the law, cause i needs me a law man, eyes gotta showns you somit Boss, come with me afor they come back from chinatown town"

            despite any protests you have he leads you all round the back of the Bar to a small barn, in side he shuts the door and locks it, then he lights a lantern and illuminates the barn. which is bare except for a table with a blood stained white cloth covering something.

            " see what i found"

            he pulls of the sheet, revealing a human boy with feather stumps on his back where wings once were. the wings are under him.

            "i found me an Angel"

            His eyes milk over and a blank expression clouds his face, he speaks.

            "oh...yes master, now master..very well"

            The hick raises his hand and from nowhere he produces a ornate knife and slices off his left hand at the wrist.

            blood poor's from his wrist like water from a tap, all the blood gathers in the dirt and dust of the barn floor, where something takes shape a horned creature made of blood raises up and speaks.

            "Tell me mortal. what do you dream of at night, when the demons come" he laughs in a demonic way. " so it begins" there is an ripping sound and the earth shakes.

            outside a dome of shadow is raising up over the whole town. "welcome to hell..."

            Saddle up partner it gonna be a long night.

            The game begins just after the Creature speaks.


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              Re: [Kickstarter] British Superhero Sourcebook

              “People shouldn't be afraid of their government. Governments should be afraid of their people.”
              ―*Alan Moore,*V for Vendetta

              *Voice or no voice, the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. That is easy. All you have to do is TELL THEM THEY ARE BEING ATTACKED, and denounce the peacemakers for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger. IT WORKS THE SAME IN ANY COUNTRY."*--Goering at the Nuremberg Trials

              In 1909 an attempt was made to properly regulate those individuals who fell into the heroes category, and so the Hero Act of 1909 was created. The Act took at its heart the ideas of Galton and his Eugenics theory as, at that time Iolos manuscript had not been seen by many, or enough to understand is significance. The act required two forms of registration, the official sanction and the special sanction status, the latter is for Heroes assigned to the SAS, MI5, MI6 or as part of Shadow V the Royal Bodyguard. The Act was forgotten about after a couple of attempts to enact it, then came a global war, a depression ad a second war and the act was mothballed. The 1909 act is not the basis for the official sanctioning of teams, that comes under the royal charter that set up the Night-Watchmen back in 1799.

              The Royal Charter of 1799, set up the notion of Sanctioned heroes, it is quite simplistic, sanctioned heroes must give thier real name and address, this is due to the salary paid by the Government, and needing some way to identify who to pay. This is more a gentleman agreement, a handshake. It has been enshrined in law for over 100 years. And not seen as wrong, that was until the revelations of Edward Snowdon, people began to question the roll of the government.

              The 1909 act goes one step further, written after the heroes reaction to the Boer war, the Government at the time wanted a simply way to control the PCs. The act ensures the Heroes are registered, not just the Sanctioned ones but any person with Extra-normal abilitys. fForbes-Bryson's amendments make the act much tougher.

              The Americans have been trying to enact a kind of registration for known Extra-normal humans, since the H.U.A.C, they managed to get legislation into the homeland security act, post 911. This follows a similar model to the UK'S Sanctioning however it is license based and requires special insurances, which tend to be prohibit the less well off Hero.


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                Re: [Kickstarter] British Superhero Sourcebook

                The Singularity bomb is a scenario I have run with Simon Burley at a convention. There are two tables and two games a certain points players from one table get pulled into another dimension and dumped on to the other table. This goes on until they workout what hey have to do to stop the end of the world. This is a background snippet of what the Singularity bomb is.
                The Manhattan Project
                On 16 July 1945, the first atomic bomb was exploded near Alamagordo, New Mexico. The heralded in the Atomic Age.

                The American physicist J. Robert Oppenheimer, director of the laboratory at Los Alamos where it had been built, who witnessed it, said later:*'I remembered the line from the Hindu scripture, the Bhagavad Gita I am become death, the destroyer of worlds.'

                Oppenheimer was in fact slightly misquoting the epic Hindu poem. In the dialogue between the Kshatriya prince Arjuna and his divine charioteer Krishna, the god says:

                I am all-powerful Time which destroys all things, and I have come here to slay these men. Even if thou doest not fight, all the warriors facing thee shall die.

                Arjuna was talking about the Brahmanda Astra* though sometimes it is called the Singularity bomb, unlike the Brahmastra or the Brahmashirsha Astra which were used at Mohenjo-Daro and Harappa. creating the Lonar crater, and the radiation which can be found on bones in the area.

                The Singularity bomb has not been used, the device has the power to collapse the multiverse in to a single reality. Arjuna a prince of the Kshatriya is weakened by the multiverse , he believes there are too many copys of himself, at first he sort to kill these Dopplegangers, as he saw them, however this proved fruitless, so he made a pact with two others, from the Eagleverse, Kestrelverse and the Ospreyverse, to help create the Singularity bomb. But they failed, that was until the discovery of the collapsing timeline, an anomaly had created a temporary timeline from the Eagleverse, (see Shadow V) from this timeline came hope, the Singularity bomb might just work. And the Magestry, the collective of the three now four Arjuna (the last from the collapsing timeline) are trapped in a cycle, a time loop forever to play out every possible scenario, in an attempt to collapse the multiverse.

                Oppenheimer, in reciting from the Bhagavad Gita, pulled Arjuna from his astral real into the real world, beginning the cycle.

                The Brahmanda Astra*was broken down into three elements, science, magic, faith, in to hope it would not be used.

                Science - the black stone
                Magic - the Benben stone
                Faith - the contents of Ark of the Covanent*

                If these elements are brought together, from and in the same universe the Singularity bomb, can be used to collapse the multiverse.


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                  Re: [Kickstarter] British Superhero Sourcebook

                  Japanese supersoldier program

                  Banned since ww2 from having any kind of army, the Japanese only had a defence force, with limited resources, therefore there was no sanctioned supersoldier program, however, the private sector has been working on a supersoldier program, only instead of a suit of power Armour or a biological option, they are working of massive "Mecha", they are also throwing lizards into the Fukushima reactor...just in case.

                  Russian supersoldier programs

                  The Russians have had a series of power Armour which the west has knicknamed Boris. However there are a number of suits which fall into this category

                  Hybrid project - From the early 20's the Soviets were working on a supersoldier programs, first with the idea that a super Ape could be created, a hybrid human/chimp. Dr Ilya Ivanovich Ivanov worked in Africa in the late 1920s trying to create a monkey/human hybrid, *whilst officially unsuccessful, *there are rumours of a city of intelligent Apes living in Africa, it is also likely that through his research Ivanov, accidentally created HIV.*

                  Oborski MK1 to MK5 - Soviet era power armour, crude and big lumbering siuts. After Starlin canceled the hybrid program, the military turned to an engineer to called Professor Orlok Oborski* to create a suit of power Armour, and so the Oborski MK1 was born. The power armour program was thrown in the long grass in favor of the space program

                  Dyatlov - there was another attempt at a biological supersoilder program, but this ended after the tragedy that became known as the Dyatlov Pass incident. The research from that time is currently with Dr Grinsky Oborski, who, rumur has it, has made some of Miebachs research work. Time will tell. Offical Dr Oborski is head of the Russian Olympic medical staff.Theremin a Russian Cold Warrior, is thought to be from this program.

                  IVAN NKV MK1 to MK3 - the current power armour program restarted in the 90's, and culminating in the IVAN NKV. *The MK3 is still in use today.

                  *Dr Grinsky Oborski appears in Crossfire, is his grandson..


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                    Re: [Kickstarter] British Superhero Sourcebook

                    4 days left

                    more stretch goals added...


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                      Re: [Kickstarter] British Superhero Sourcebook

                      Only 3 days and £105 left to unlock the ICONS stats......


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                        Re: [Kickstarter] British Superhero Sourcebook

                        Stretch Goal reached....................ICONS stats Unlocked.......................


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                          Re: [Kickstarter] British Superhero Sourcebook

                          Only 36 hours left to save the world.


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                            Re: [Kickstarter] British Superhero Sourcebook

                            All done, funded to 150%. Thanks for your encouragement and support


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                              Re: [Kickstarter] British Superhero Sourcebook

                              I have done a interview for a podcast. It actually came out ok

                              The first episode of the Squadron Chatter podcast is now available. You can listen or download here
                              You can email the show at**or tweet the show at @squadronchatter. You can also find the show at*