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A question about activating qualities on page 52

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  • A question about activating qualities on page 52

    Just started working through the new Assembled Edition. This is my first time with Icons. I'm thinking of using the rules for a street level campaign, but I'm having a little difficulty wrapping my head around Activating Qualities for advantages. Just when I think I'm getting it, I come across the Miss Tikal example on page 52 and I'm now confused. I'm convinced either the rules are improperly implemented in the example, or I'm not getting it. If you have the book, can you clarify the example for me?

    Here's the rundown in case the book isn't nearby. Miss Tikal and Saguaro are fighting Grudge. Miss Tikal created a light show (Distracted Quality) around Grudge's head in a previous page. On the current page, Grudge sis till Distracted and has two more free activations associated with it. She decides to use one and also spend Determination point to activate her own quality of "Secret Sorceress of the Sixth Age." This allows her to do a Mental Blast stunt with improved effort.

    Now this is where my confusion starts. She then declares, "Because of his distraction, I should be able to push my power in overwhelming his mind." In other words, she is activating the Distracted quality again to push her power by one level.

    I thought you could not activate the same quality twice in one page? Is this correct? If not, then how is Miss Tikal activating "Distraction" twice on the same page?

    Is it different, because she had obtained a massive success in a previous page when she created that quality? Do free activations from created qualities mean you can activate multiple advantages from this quality on the same page?

    Thanks for bearing with me.