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    We're running the Assembled Edition. One thing I've noticed comparing to older materials is that players apparently no longer choose Challenges along with qualities - it looks like the older editions made the players pick some negative qualities.

    I'm asking because one of the areas where I want to coach my group is creating qualities on the fly, and how to exploit them. We've had two game sessions so far, so everyone is fairly new to the system.

    One of the players has lightning powers, and wanted to create a quality in the metal-based villain around a vulnerability to electricity - what's an appropriate maneuver?

    Another one of the characters has a "Fear Mask" shaped like an Oni Face that provides some of his powers, including Emotion Control (Fear). What can he do once he's given a bad guy the 'Afraid' quality?

    Since players no longer have challenges, should the referee be doing the same thing - creating qualities on the fly in the heroes to use against them?

    PS: Is the best place where folks discuss rules questions for Icons? I realize the game is new to GR through the Assembled Edition, just wondering if there are other venues to check out old rules topics or threads.
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    Re: Creating Qualities \ Questions

    You could try the G+ group:

    Or the Yahoo group: