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Copyright/Bandwidth Protection Policy

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  • Copyright/Bandwidth Protection Policy

    Do not post, without express written permission from the copyright holder, images or other intellectual or artistic property not belonging to you. This includes, but is not limited to, "deep-linking" to images on an artist's site via an [img] tag on these boards. It is perfectly fine to provide a link to a site belonging to an artist or other copyright holder. That said, please do not link in this manner to pages with non work-friendly or family-friendly content.

    If the link for your custom board avatar image goes to a site that does not belong to you, please make sure that the site containing the image allows the use of its bandwidth in this way. If bandwidth or copyright protection issues involving you are brought to the attention of the site management, we will act as necessary to rectify the situation.

    The site management, as always, reserves the right to take whatever action necessary to keep these boards running smoothly.


    Do not post links to, information about, or allusions to the ability to provide, illegal copies of electronic products published by Green Ronin Publishing, our Super-Powered by M&M partners, or any other publisher, person, or organization. Such posts will be deleted and the poster will be banned. There are no exceptions.

    You may link to relevant free legal PDF download sites, or legal downloadable products for sale on legitimate sites.
    Bit Wrangler, Chief Banhammerer
    Green Ronin Publishing, LLC