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Rorqual and Red Rose ?

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  • Rorqual and Red Rose ?

    The earth-prime Atlas evocate some french Heroes without detailling their origins or their powers: the Zouave, the Red Rose, the Rorqual...
    Is there any way i could learn a little more about those characters ?

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    Re: Rorqual and Red Rose ?

    There are likely no stats or details as and I quote -

    "A woman claiming to be the enchantress Melusine appeared in 1987 and battled a hero named the Zouave (who’s since retired). In 1993, two French heroes, la Rose Rouge (the Red Rose) and Rorqual, fought and died in Freedom City during the Terminus invasion."

    In other words they are dead or retired and not detailed as a result - however, Melusine was a figure of European folklore and mythology, a female spirit of fresh water in a sacred spring or river. Zouave were a class of light infantry regiments of the French Army serving between 1830 and 1962 and linked to French North Africa, as well as some units of other countries modelled upon them. The zouaves, along with the indigenous Tirailleurs Algeriens, were among the most decorated units of the French Army. So likely a French super soldier though if you want the phrase "faire le Zouave" can be translated as "to act the goat" so either a satyr or a Deadpool-like character would be a possible interpretation. Red Rose is the symbol for mad, passionate love - so a heroine who can generate feelings of deep love in her victims would be a suitable heroine possibly armed with thorn-like blades. Rorqual means whale so either a large aquatic hero, juggernaut or blob like hero would be possible.

    At the end of the day the names were used simply as colour and could be whatever you want simply based on the names.


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      Re: Rorqual and Red Rose ?

      The author for Western Europe was Daniel Eymard so he would likely be the only person who could say for certain what the names meant when he wrote the articles.
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        Re: Rorqual and Red Rose ?


        I'm Daniel, the author for this part of the atlas.
        I can only answer here for what i initially wanted for these characters as i have not worked with Green Ronin recently and i don't known if they intend to do anything with this.

        So this is my own stuff and it is non-canon :

        Red Rose : Initially meant as a swashbuckling heroin using perfumes as weapons, including emotion-inducing gas, sleep/paralyzing gas, etc.
        I did not think of her name. She started as a chemist/perfum designer of talent (a "nose" as it is called in this world) but turned to crime-fighting after discovering her employer used her experimental love gas to abuse young models and sell them to a slave ring.
        She then decided to use her mastery of chemistry and fencing to right the wrongs for abused women first, and after a few years, right any wrong and fight crime as a whole.

        Rorqual : He was intended to be a homage to cdr Cousteau : a oceanograph who ended up as the living avatar of an Inuit whale god.
        Mostly he was an occasional crime-fighter. He was instead using his fame as a superhero to further his political agenda since he was active in the french green party.
        He had a 12ft-high giant powered form (human-whale hybrid) with enhanced strength and durability, immunity to cold and drowning, sonar, low-light vision, ultra-sonic blast ("vertigo" afflication), ability to communicate with sea life.

        Mélusine : i described this character in deep but i removed it from my work since, after reading the Mexico entry of the Atlas, i did not want to include another immortal schemer again in the book. I can provide details but i remember giving a draft to Jon L. so i don't know who is owning this draft today.
        Me (as it was never published) or G.R. ?
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