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Loss of home and possibly only vehicle

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  • Loss of home and possibly only vehicle

    I am certain out there no one can help us, but I just wanted to say thank you for those that gave a little bit of hope to my family and myself.

    Quick background - Have lived at home for mutual support financially. Made the usual mistakes regarding same. Now financially screwed and the economy has not helped at all. September of 2014, my mother got sick and had to go to the hospital in Oswego, NY. Rather than show any form of competency, they gave her medication that was used fifteen years ago, and induced hallucinations in a seventy-four year old woman...with cataracts in both eyes...pretty much blind. After that fiasco, I had to file for bankruptcy, and received it the following year. That September (2015) my mother ended up falling and not being able to stand back up. Called ambulance, and she was taken into Syracuse, NY (St Joseph's Hospital). From there she went to an assisted living facility. Unfortunately, we are now in foreclosure on the house. We tried to sell it, but the bank dragged their feet that our only buyer walked. Now the house goes up for public auction on August 2nd, 2017. We will have a minimum of ten days, unless the buyer is willing to help us, but they are under no obligation other than to put our possessions by the curb.

    I was fired from my job this past March, and have not been able to find a job. If we could find a place to move to, even temporarily - my sister, our two cats (brother & sister, fixed, indoor), and myself - so I can find work and start making money, then we might be all right.

    Our car is in p***-poor condition and we don't have the money to make the needed repairs. So we may end up losing the car in order to move out.

    Need the following: A job, a vehicle, and a place to stay.

    We tried the church, tried HUD, tried DSS. No one can help us. I made too much money at my previous job to get any kind of financial help, and we are not of minority, veteran, disabled or pregnant. We can work, but we have no work to be found. Each time we drive the car, we are afraid that something will go wrong, and that will be the end of it. We looked into getting refinanced to lower the payments, but the amount we owe renders it "upside-down" we owe more than the vehicle is worth.

    We have the potential to do more, my sister is an accomplished artist - self-taught and damn good - and could be patronized if someone out there could refer her work, here is the link to some of her work:

    Here is the article that was written by a photographer on her facebook page a few months before our world started to crumble.

    Humans of Syracuse
    March 6, 2014

    When I first saw Susann, I thought she was just doodling. Turns out she was working on some incredible drawings. She showed me what she was working on, and few of her favorite pieces. Then she said,
    "Do you remember the band A-ha?"
    "Well, I loved the band and did some fan art. My drawings are on their webpage."
    I'm including the the one of the singer below.

    She is trying to get various celebrities that are art patrons. Morten Harkett of A-ha, Vigo Mortensen, and (unconfirmed) Johnny Depp. Doubt anyone out there has any connections to these guys, but if you do and happen to think of us at the time... Tacky, I know, but we're short on time.

    Here is my resume as on

    I am 47, SWM, looking for employment and residential assistance if possible. Willing to relocate. Non-smoker, non-drinker, and don't use recreational drugs (that's what the rpgs are for ). Sister is SWF, same in regards to smoking, drinking and drugs. Excellent artist (non-CGI, all drawn/painted freehand).

    Well, thanks for listening to my rant. Hope nothing bad happens before we get kicked out. Maybe some good fortune will befall us and create a nice soul-saving miracle. (And monkeys fly out my butt when I fart. :P )

    Wish us luck!

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    Re: Loss of home and possibly only vehicle

    So far, not luck. My sister and I are terrified of being evicted the day of the auction...this coming Wednesday. As I am writing this, my sister is trying to feed our two cats, and has broken down into a fit of crying. I can't cry right now, myself, I am trying to think of SOMETHING...and drawing a total blank. We have one relative that we might be able to stay with, but we refuse to do so because her husband does not accept in-laws as family.

    A commission she received is not paying what she thought it would, and the boob she got the job from is not helping with their comments.

    Anything? She's on the verge of giving up completely... We both are.


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      Re: Loss of home and possibly only vehicle

      Update - Still no luck, but we have a possible direction: Michigan. A friend of my sister's has offered to help. It could be a lead to a place to stay and possible employment. Not by much, but enough. Enough to start over again. Don't know if we'll have the money to make it there, but we have hope.

      Anyone in Michigan? Possible jobs? Possible place to stay? Anything?



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        Re: Loss of home and possibly only vehicle

        Well, we lost the house and are now trying to live off my UI benefits and what's left of the "Cash for Keys" money (not much). Currently seeking work in Rochester, NY and living in a hotel.

        Our two cats (Peanut & Trouble) are taking the situation well, they just don't like when we have to step out for housekeeping, as that means having to get put in their carriers.

        They are the only thing keeping my sister & I sane, and we refuse to give them up.

        If anyone out there has any ideas, we'd gladly take them into account.

        Just be advised the State in our previous county has thus far advised us to get rid of the cats, as the "shelters" accept only people. Another suggested that we seek the program from the Humane Society that is supposed to take care of pets until the owners can get back on their feet. Too many horror stories about folks who DID get back on their feet only to be denied their pets. Out of the question as that would pose a danger to anyone whom came close enough to try to take them away.

        I asked before if anyone had knowledge of a house owned by a friend or relative that they are currently not using. Or perhaps someone might need a house-sitter for a month or two? I'm sure that we could make arrangements through the State if there is anyone out there. We cannot stay in this situation for long.

        Any help offered would be greatly appreciated.

        I am still developing my game setting and adventures, and would be happy to run them if we can find a place. And I would be happy to add those who help into the books as special credits and play-testers.

        Just food for thought.


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          Re: Loss of home and possibly only vehicle

          For my birthday today, I would like to post this link to our GoFundMe campaign to try to get out of this horrific predicament. If you cannot donate, or help with the resources we need, then perhaps you could share the link with those who can.

          Thank you.