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  • Book of the Righteous Errata

    This is a thread where backers of the Book of the Righteous Kickstarter can leave comments and questions based on the text only PDF they received. If you think you've found errata, please post it here so we can assess and make any fixes before finalizing the book.

    Chris Pramas

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    Re: Book of the Righteous Errata

    I believe i've found a typo. Page 195, oath of battle, right side of the page under aura of battle states:

    Aura of Battle
    Beginning at 7th level, the very spirit of battle flows outward from you, causing you to become a supernatural locus point in combat that keeps your allies....
    and while the word locus is a real word, and potentially can be used in this context, I am assuming it should be a "supernatural FOCUS point", as the current wording is not a particularly common way to phrase this.


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      Re: Book of the Righteous Errata

      pg. 10 first line: "The map on page @@ shows the cosmology associated
      with the myths presented in this book. Descriptions of
      the various places start at the top and move clockwise."


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        Re: Book of the Righteous Errata

        On page 14, under Advance the Principles of Good subheading, first paragraph:

        "This often brings two or more gods into conflict. Furthermore, a the schism divides the two families of gods."

        I believe it should be either, "Furthermore, a schism divides the two families of gods." Or "Furthermore, the schism divides the two families of gods." Based on the context, I believe it should be the former.


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          Re: Book of the Righteous Errata

          On page 115, first column under the "Watchful Eyes" header:

          For example, one might say “I hear
          the music clearly today!” Another would respond with,
          “What does it tell you?” This is answered by, “Aymara’s
          song is in every good person’s ear,” which is answered by
          “Indeed. I hear it clearly. Anyone who blatantly identifies
          himself as a watcher instead is either lying, or is attempting
          to induct someone into the order.

          There appears to be a quotation mark missing after the word 'clearly.'


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            Re: Book of the Righteous Errata

            p. 21:

            LORD PROTECTOR
            The plural of "Lord Protector" is "Lords Protector", not "Lord Protectors."

            The following sentence is missing the word "trained"
            For ten years, they are exhaustively in warfare and holy doctrine.

            p 22:

            In the following sentence, "join" should probably be "be." Either that or remove "members of."
            Potential deacons must demonstrate some skill at intrigue and they cannot join members of different orders within the Great Church.

            SPECIAL STATUS
            "are important" should be "are an important"
            As a deacon, you are important figure in the Great Church and as such enjoy privileged status.


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              Re: Book of the Righteous Errata

              I realize this is almost certainly too late to correct in the print version, but I wanted to note it here so I wouldn't forget about it when I read the rest of the book more carefully.

              Page 164, Gods and Churches by Alignment:
              In the Neutral line, "Nameless One***" should follow the "The" in the second column.
              In the Neutral Evil line, add "Thellos" to the third column, before the first comma.

              (BTW, any estimate when US backers we should expect to get our print copies in the mail?)
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