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Dennis "The Menace" Mitchell timeline

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  • Dennis "The Menace" Mitchell timeline

    In a world where fictional characters age in real time I want to explore/create (with your help) the life and times of one Dennis Mitchell. Below will be a very basic timeline of Dennis' life based on a few conditions. 1) All month and/or year dates are based on the first appearance of Dennis the Menace (Mar. 12, 1951; Hank Ketchum) and 2) Dennis is 5 1/2 years old in March of '51.

    1949 - Preschool
    1950 - Kindergarten
    1951 - 1st Grade
    1952 - 2nd Grade
    1953 - 3rd Grade
    1954 - 4th Grade
    1955 - 5th Grade
    1956 - 6th Grade
    1957 - 7th Grade
    1958 - 8th Grade
    1959 - 9th Grade
    1960 - 10th Grade
    1961 - 11th Grade
    1962 - 12th Grade
    1963 - Graduates high school

    Now at this point in is life we have one of two choices for him:
    1) Dennis is draft for military in Vietnam or
    2) Dennis get a education deferment

    Which one should we choose for him?

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    Re: Dennis "The Menace" Mitchell timeline

    Dennis and higher education?!

    That brat was basically the Golden Age's Bart Simpson!

    You could very well let him repeat a class or drop out early!

    One way or the other, he'll get drafted for sure!
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      Re: Dennis "The Menace" Mitchell timeline

      Of the two options, I'd go with the education deferment. After all, Dennis in the military would be basically Beetle Bailey, and we don't need two of those.