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rules on sharing extensive house rule system?

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  • rules on sharing extensive house rule system?

    I was wondering what the rules are for posting a free to use house rule system for M&M3E. Specifically, I'm considering taking the time to make it into a fancy looking proper document/booklet, not just a few text lines. Revamping the skill system and the ability system, addressing certain problems powers, making clarifications on various extras and power uses.

    Ideally, I'd like to present it as a PDF document, laid out in much the same format as the core rules; and if possible, I'd include a second version that is straight from the SRD, so that both the core rules (that are being kept) and the modified system are all in one document for convenience.
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    Re: rules on sharing extensive house rule system?

    I suspect that it falls back on the Super-Powered / OGL rules. As long as you avoid product identity, or replicating huge chunks of text from the original book, you should be in the clear.
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