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Groovy Gamers Looking For Friends (Play-By-Post Games)

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  • Groovy Gamers Looking For Friends (Play-By-Post Games)

    Hi Ronin Army Members,

    Over ten years ago on the Atomic Think Tank, I posted in the Player Locator forum about my new site, Groovy Gamers, a very community oriented play-by-post site where we played all kinds of RPGs, such as Mutants & Masterminds, Dungeons & Dragons, Star Wars, and many others. This thread took off, and I think it was the most viewed thread in the forum. It was here: Many gamers came over from this thread and I will always be thankful for Green Ronin for letting me post there.

    Well, to make a long story short, the site was very successful, with over 600 members and 200,000 posts. We went through some ownership changes, closed a few years later, and just recently I was able to start it back up again. I have searched for many of my old friends across the internet and have found quite a few. I'm still looking for others.

    If you were a member of the old site and are still interested in play-by-post games of all kinds, we would love to see you return. If you are a player who doesn't know a thing about us, we also invite you to check us out! We don't have a lot of fancy things on the site, just very friendly play-by-post players who are always interested in helping new people enjoy that kind of gaming. I've personally been a play-by-post gamer and advocate since 2002. It's been good to me.

    The website is We'd love to see you.

    Happy Gaming!