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How does one find an AGE game to play?

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  • How does one find an AGE game to play?

    Would love to play an AGE game - but there are zero AGE games on Roll20. Not one. And the play by post section right here has years between posts. Any suggestions on how to find a game? And don't suggest "run your own game if you can't find one" GMing is a lot like a train wreck. Heck, it's a train that hit a bus full of orphans.

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    Never mind. After almost 2 weeks of zero responses here, that gave me my answer: There is no way you will ever play an AGE RPG. So...I dumped my books.


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      Sad, but understandable, that you threw in the towel.

      The low activity of the forum is indeed something of a deterrent. There seems to be a rather busy Discord community for AGE, but it is not as easy and comfortable as a forum. On Discord, you get a lot of chatter in which you are perhaps not interested, while on a forum, you pick simply the threads with promising titles.


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        Oh Darn. Too bad. I was thinking about running a Roll20 Fantasy Age Game. I will be running it around Noon EST till 4 or 5pm EST. Not sure of the day yet.