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Improving power effects in an Array: M&M 3e

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  • Improving power effects in an Array: M&M 3e

    So, my question is about arrays in M&M 3e. I understand that when building an array, you start with a main power. With its perks/flaws, its total points become the cap for any additional power effects, with additional power effects cost 1pt (2pts if dynamic). The book (i don't remember where) states that improving power effects in an array follow the same rules as creation. Now, if you improve a power effect that isn't the main power, and it doesn't exceed the main power effect's point cap, then wouldn't the net cost (of points) be zero?
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    Nope. The 1 PP applies no matter how many points are spent in the AE. Back in 2E, Steve Kenson addressed the possibility of someone taking advantage of that with a "nested array" with that it was technically legal, but should be watched out for.

    As a result of that exploit (and, I think, to some degree because Hero Lab stopped allowing it), many players on the board aren't comfortable with nested AEs, but I think sometimes they make sense for "alt-modes". For a gun-wielding magical girl I built some time back for 2E, I initially built her with an array of weapons, one of which was a grenade launcher with its own AEs for the different grenade loads:
    Assault Rifle (Power Setting) (Powers: Assault Rifle (Blast 4))
    ..Assault Rifle (Blast 4) (DC 19, Feats: Improved Critical (Assault Rifle (Blast 4)) 2; Autofire 2 (interval 1, max +2); Subtle (subtle), Improved Range (100 ft. incr))

    Combat Knife (Power Setting) (Powers: Strike 9)
    ..Strike 9 (DC 25; Penetrating 9; Mighty, Subtle (subtle))

    Concertina Wire (Power Setting) (Powers: Concertina Wire (Constricting Snare 4))
    ..Snare 4 (DC 14; Constricting, Trail Area (100 ft. trail - General), Duration 2 (sustained), Independent; Range (touch))

    Dual Desert Eagles (Default Power Setting) (Powers: Dual Desert Eagles (Blast 5))
    ..Dual Desert Eagles (Blast 5) (DC 20, Feats: Precise Shot 2; Shapeable Area (5 cubes of 5 cu. ft. - Targeted); Knockback, Progression, Incr. Area Extra 2 (area x5 - 25 cubes of 5 cu ft.))

    Flamethrower (Power Setting) (Powers: Flamethrower (Cone) (Damage 5))
    ..Flamethrower (Cone) (Damage 5) (DC 20; Duration 2 (sustained), Independent, Cone Area (50 ft. cone - General))

    Grenade Launcher (Power Setting) (Powers: Fragmentation Grenade (Blast 5))
    ..Fragmentation Grenade (Blast 5) (DC 20; Explosion Area (50 ft. explosion - General); Improved Range (125 ft. incr))
    ....Flashbang Grenade (Dazzle 4) (Alternate; affects: three sense types - visual, hearing, DC 14; Burst Area (20 ft. radius - General); Improved Range (100 ft. incr); Full Power)
    ....Sleep Grenade (Fatigue 4) (Alternate; DC 14; Cloud Area (20 ft. diameter, lingers - General), Range (ranged); Improved Range (100 ft. incr); Full Power)
    ....Smoke Grenade (Obscure 4) (Alternate; affects: all sense types, Radius: 50 ft.; Independent; Improved Range (100 ft. incr); Full Power)
    ....Tear Gas Grenade (Nauseate 4) (Alternate; DC 14; Explosion Area (40 ft. explosion - General), Range (ranged); Improved Range (100 ft. incr); Full Power)

    Landmine (Power Setting) (Powers: Land Mine (Damage 7))
    ..Land Mine (Damage 7) (DC 22; Penetrating [3 ranks only], Cone Area (70 ft. cone - General); Triggered 2 (any trigger), Subtle (subtle))

    Sniper Rifle (Power Setting) (Powers: Sniper Rifle (Blast 5), Super-Senses 1)
    ..Sniper Rifle (Blast 5) (DC 20, Feats: Improved Aim, Improved Critical (Sniper Rifle (Blast 5)) 5; Subtle 2 (undetectable), Improved Range 2 (250 ft. incr))

    Stun Gun (Power Setting) (Powers: Stun 6)
    ..Stun 6 (DC 16; Knockback; Accurate 2 (+4))

    Thermite (Power Setting) (Powers: Corrosion 6)
    ..Corrosion 6 (DC 21; Slow Fade (1 minute))
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      Oh, that is very helpful. We usually just have the power points earned in sessions, that go towards those AEs are just spent like normal points. This lets you have a nice bonus to using the array in creation, but halts abuse of it later on in the campaign. Thanks!


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        The only "nested array" I allow is in an alternate form. If form one is a fire guy with an array of fire powers and form two is a ice guy with an array of ice powers, that's fine. Preferably, the switching of forms is also not a free action.

        But this:

        Array 22 pts cost 23 pts
        slot 1: Array 20 pts Total cost 22 pts
        slot 1.1 power x1 20 pts
        slot 1.2 power x2 1 pt
        slot 1.3 power x3 1 pt
        slot 2 Array 20 pts total cost 1 pt (because it is alt of other array)
        slot 2.1 power y1 20 pts
        slot 2.2 power y2 1pt
        slot 2.3 power y3 1pt

        This is bogus. There are 6 20-point powers. That array should cost 25 not 23 points.

        There is no cost hit later. As soon as you bump up the base power, you can also bump up all the alternate powers immediately.