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  • Place for Icons PbP?

    Not really sure where else to put this, so here ought to do.

    I'm planning on running a game of Icons Assembled via play-by-post on the RoninArmy forums, but I'm unsure of where to create and have such threads.

    The AGE, M&M, and GoT systems all have their own sub-forums/Game-Rooms on the site dedicated to their play-by-post, but Icons currently does not have such a section. So, I'm posting to ask where I ought to put the threads for this game I plan on running (both OOC and IC threads).

    Should I just post it into the Icons forum where people normally post links/ads to various Icons supplements and ask various questions regarding the mechanics?

    Or are there any special steps needed to request for a sub-forum for the Icons PbP game?

    Because there is indeed interest for such a place to play Icons on the site, and it only takes someone to start it up and get the ball rolling for this snowball to turn into an avalanche of Icons PbP gaming...