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True Sorcery and BCCS magic; differences in casting time

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  • True Sorcery and BCCS magic; differences in casting time

    Hello all, i'm posting in general forum as there's no dedicated area for that brilliant(in my eyes) 2006 product: True Sorcery.

    I'm planning to use the magic system in a eventual E6 campaign in a low-magic world.

    Comparing BCCS and True Sorcery, i found out that the second one makes significant change to casting time calculation: in BCCS, magical aptitude (skill ranks +magnitude bonus) is compared to the spells DC to calculate casting time, whereas in True torcery, according to the errata, the whole spellcraft bonus is compared to the DC. This gives significantly lower casting times in true sorcery, and as the only leftover bonuses are "taking extra time" and "components", spells tend to be either cast as a swift action (DC inferior or equal to spellcraft bonus) or needing taking extra time to have a good chance of sucess.IMHO, this leads to the mid casting times being underused:the spells are either swift or standard actions, or very long(because extra time necessary).Otherwise, it makes little sense except in desperate situations to attempt a DC SAY 20 higher than spellcraft without the extra time bonus. And even using the components bonus (+10+2+5 max), i still feel the middle of the table is underused.

    This is why I'm thinking on keeping magical aptitude from BCCS, but have it include the charisma modifer in addition to the skills ranks and magnitude.That way, casting times are better distributed, but still there is a small decrease from BCCS.Also, there's more differenciation in aptitude amongst casters, as skill ranks +magnitude gave the same number for every wizard of the same level.

    I suppose the reason aptitude was dropped was to reduce casting times for a more generic fantasy feel.I'm looking for advice and comparison of the two options from practitionners.

    Thanks in advance