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News about Green Ronin Upcoming Releases

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  • News about Green Ronin Upcoming Releases

    It's Ronin Round Table time again, and this week Green Ronin Publishing President Chris Pramas talks about what our release schedule looks like on the other side of our annual summit.
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    Re: News about Green Ronin Upcoming Releases

    Better to have a book delayed and "late" than come out bad. Can't wait for further announcements.


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      Re: News about Green Ronin Upcoming Releases

      Yay, GR! More, more, more!

      Um. This may be beating a dead Horse of Wishes, but, there were hints on the VP podcast from Steve & John & also on the forum that GR has some secret stuff in store for RPG fans.

      I'll come right to it and ask: any chance GR might obtain the Marvel license?

      To see both comic lines under one house, especially one as popular and capable as Green Ronin, would be fantastic. Has this even been considered? I know GR is buried under current & future projects & licenses cost their weight in diamonds, but.

      Getting that license is my Xmas wish to GR. Maybe next year's. Just to see the old "Ultimate Powers" book translated into M&M 3rd format ......

      Whatever's coming down the pipe I know will be excellent work, regardless. Great work, folks!
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        Re: News about Green Ronin Upcoming Releases

        I did hear in a recent podcast (BAMFcast I think) where either Jon Leitheusser or Steve Kenson stated that GR are considering a series of new villain write-ups along the same lines as threat report which would be nice to see - possibly covering some of the characters in the 2e books such as Freedom's Most Wanted that haven't been converted to 3e yet? That's likely to be one of the two surprises mentioned I think.