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MACE 2016 - November 11 13, 2016 - Charlotte, NC

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  • MACE 2016 - November 11 13, 2016 - Charlotte, NC

    Celebrating our 20th year!!!!

    MACE 2016
    November 11 13 2016
    The Best & Most Organized Carolina Gaming Con
    Hilton Charlotte University Place
    Charlotte, NC

    MACE (Mid Atlantic Expo Convention) is a table top gaming convention, once held in High Point, NC since 1997 and now held in Charlotte since 2012. The previous incarnation called ROC 96.5 was a gaming event associated to Roc Of Ages Con in Charlotte. Since then, it has grown to be one of the largest gatherings of gamers in the Carolinas. We at Justus Productions/MACE pride ourselves in providing the best and most variety of games in the Carolinas. Supported by one of the largest online Carolina game master pool as well as Carolina Organized Play groups (PFS, SRM, D&D AL) and local LARP groups like Ivanhoe Productions, VampCat, and others, MACE has everything for the avid gamer. Board games, war games, role playing games, live action, video games, and miniature games there is something for everyone.

    We will have X-Wing, Warmachine/Hordes, and Mailfaux, as well as a newly expanded open game area and over 450 games on the schedule.

    I personally will be running The Hermits Road (Titansgrave) at MACE 2016!!!

    Please join us