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Expanse RPG: Operation Silent Wall - Gencon 2019

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  • Expanse RPG: Operation Silent Wall - Gencon 2019

    Good morning Inners,

    I'll be running three sessions at Gencon 2019 titled Operation Silent Wall. Players will take on the role of the crew of the MCRN Avalanche, a Morrigan class destroyer deployed from the MCRN Donnager in that ship's mission to stop piracy in the belt.

    Here are the events if you'd like to sign up, hope to see you there!

    The long description from the Gencon registration:

    Pirates have always been a problem in the system, but command has finally decided that things must change. As the crew of the Morrigan class MCRN Avalanche, you will take part in Operation Silent Wall and the eradication of pirates preying on ice haulers in the Belt. Join the crew of the Avalanche or as a Marine and show those worthless scum that while Earthers will tolerate piracy, Mars has had enough!
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