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  • Languages?

    So, languages,

    Belters get Belter Creole (pg. 28), gotcha, it is implied that this isn't all they get?

    What languages do other characters get?

    How do characters learn new languages? Is the Linguistics skill the only way?

    Many thanks for any help

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    Re: Languages?

    I think one only starts with one language, but one may learn additional languages with the Linguistics talent. That way one can learn up to 6 additional languages.

    Depending on cirumstances, I'd allow anyone a Perception or Intelligence test (with a relevant focus) to see if they understand, or are able to make themselves understood (also allowing a Communication test for that,) to someone speaking another language. This would represent the ability to understand/convey intent, even some content, if not the actual words, but the meaning.


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      Re: Languages?

      Ta GMLovlie,

      That all seems pretty reasonable,

      The only part you didn't address is belters - do you think that they start play with two languages, or just get belter creole?

      Belter Creole is a bit of a weird one, I gather it includes a lot of loan-words and words that are bastardized forms of other words, suggesting that rolls to understand even if you don't have it as a language are almost always going to be reasonable,

      It'd be good if they did get two languages as picking up a second language during character gen doesn't seem that easy, creating language problems in the party...


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        Re: Languages?

        It seems that in the future, everybody educated enough speaks english, though maybe with some kind of accent.
        It's understandable since English is the language of the UN. Even if you are an Earther from a remote and still culturally-rich area, you will want your children to learn English if you don't want them to live their entire lives on Basic.
        Thus regional languages would tend to disappear. Still, another language would be something for the very rich to fancy ; I can imagine Jules-Pierre Mao to know Mandarin and French, for example.
        Indeed, even Martians speak English, sometimes to the point of having a Texan accent - just because having to deal with more than one language would be inefficient, and for a Martian, inefficiency is a sin.
        Belters, on the other hand, descend from many kind of people, some of these left Earth before the UN hegemony. No wonder they have the most synthetic language.
        But still, everyone needs to speak English, since at some point it became the common tongue in the solar system.
        Even Belters. Though they may want to use Belter creole between them (as a sign of kinship on Ceres, maybe more naturally in the far side of the Belt around Anderson Station) or when they have something to say that Inners don't need to understand. But as GMlovlie points out, a Perception (Empathy) roll should be enough to understand the meaning of a sentence, if not the exact words.
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