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Statting the Yojimbo

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  • Statting the Yojimbo

    Mechs are a thing in The Expanse, from the Ripley-style power lifters Naomi and crew use on the Canterbury to full on battle mechs like the Yojimbo. How would you go about statting one out though?
    Spaceships have a stat array that covers the bulk of it, but you run into a problem - the interaction between player scale weaponry and armor versus vehicle (not spaceship*!) level weaponry and armor.
    *We know spaceship scale weapons pulverize personnel and that AP rounds from small arms will penetrate the hull but won't likely cause actual damage.

    I think the cleanest workaround, keeping in mind we've all only had the rule book for a couple days (unless you have Modern AGE I guess?) is ruling that all attacks from a vehicle like the Yojimbo are penetrating and ignore personal-scale armor, and all attacks from personal-scale weapons are ignored unless it has the "Armor Piercing Quality."
    This allows us to keep the same 3D6 for gun damage format and hull size soaking XD6 as spaceships have to keep it consistent.

    Therefore, a battlemech might be:

    Size: Large(r than a person)
    Hull: 2D6
    Crew: 1(2)
    Competence: Capable to Skilled
    Drive: Bipedal
    Sensors: 1
    Rotary Gatling Cannon: Automatic, High Capacity, Long Range, Tracer, 3D6+3 DMG
    Missile Pack: Long Range, Armor Piercing, 4D6 DMG (3 meter radius)
    Ablative Armor Plating: This unit has an armor rating of 6.
    Usually none

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