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Quick Question About Conditions

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  • Quick Question About Conditions

    I am planning to run the Quickstart adventure at GENCON, and I had a quick question about the conditions & healing. As I understand, if a PC takes damage, it rolls like this:

    For example: PC Toughness = 2
    If the PC takes DMG=8, then it is 8-2=6
    Then deduct any remaining Fortune (for example: 2) from the remaining DMG: 6-2=4
    Then the PC takes a condition: Injured or Wounded and can roll 1d6 to remove that amount of DMG
    - For example: If the PC rolls a 5, then the remaining DMG is cleared, but the condition remains.

    So if this is correct, then:
    1. Can you use the HEAL Major action from Modern AGE for the PC to heal himself/herself or other party members? The Expanse QS guide doesn't indicate HEAL as an action (which could be an oversight).

    2. Does the GM make the call on which condition the PC takes or is it a PC call?

    3. Does the PC get to roll more than 1d6 based on the condition? i.e. Injured allows the PC to roll 1d6 to remove DMG, Wounded allows the PC to roll 2d6 to remove DMG.

    Thanks and I am looking forward to running this game and catching up on the Expanse again on Amazon soon -

    - SimRanger