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Tactical-scale battlemaps for The Expanse

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  • Tactical-scale battlemaps for The Expanse

    Anyone have plans yet for what you'll use for battlemaps (if you plan on using minis in your games)?

    I'm trying to get some content published that would be ideal for this purpose (making printable custom sci-fi battlemaps), but I'm not sure if it's OK to post links to Kickstarters here.

    Content preview video #1

    Content preview video #2
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    How would a battle map work? Characters have variable movement rates in metres.

    If a character had a Move score of 14 and her buddy had a Move score of 9, how would you fit those guys onto a regulated battle map?


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      Without having looked deeply into what Heruca is doing, maps with a grid work pretty well with AGE games. As far as I can tell from his videos, his maps have a grid.
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