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  • Torpedo Chases question..

    I've been doing a couple of practice combats etc , as is my habit when getting to grips with new rulesets . In my practice Space combat, I ended up with a Torpedo Chase (along the lines of the comments on P133. I assumed that the fleeing ship would make chase rolls based upon Dexterity(Piloting). However, I was unsure exactly what to roll for the Torpedo for its chase roll. ...

    I note the comments about treating the Torpedo as a Tiny ship AND an additional +2 bonus AND (should it win) and additional +2 to the Drama die result added on to its 'chase total'.

    But what is its base roll... is it based upon the Dexterity(Piloting) of the firing ship? Or is it similar to the Electronic Warfare rolls, so the torpedo chase roll is based upon Intelligence(Technology) of the firing ship? Plus sensors?

    It is possible I have missed this in my speed reading of the entire book, of course, so would love to hear if there is a canonical answer, or if not, how you guys are handling it...

    Hope you can help...

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    I don't believe you missed anything as I try to find any information on this my attempts have failed. However, in my game if this situation were to come up, I would use Int (Technology) and not + sensors as sensors are primarily defensive sensors in the Expanse universe. If you owned a warship with higher tech maybe an additional weapons system senors could add + to it. I would also say that if the pilot had like Expertise in Drone piloting or something and wanted to guide the rocket in themselves, I would use Dex (Piloting) but this is an unlikely case/situational case.

    Furthermore, it does not appear that it has any sort of modifier and I think that getting into this Granular of a detail defeats the purpose of the fun, should just roll with it. In the section, says that Torpedoes are Virtually impossible to outrun and depending on the range they START with a Chase Total of 2 - 10. It is more likely that the Torpedo will ALWAYS win a chase and that you are simply buying more time before impending detonation. Maybe you need an extra round to hit with your PDC's or use your scrambling sensors to knock it off track. From the sounds of the way this section reads though, you shouldn't be able to out run a torpedo so therefore there is no need to have any Granular Modifier information present.


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      Yes, it's absolutely my view that the torpedo will always win the chase (miracles excepting). I do like the idea though of the crew trying to escape and realising it is hopeless, perhaps even after a skilful maneuver or two... I am going to base the the torpedo's rolls in the chase on the indications from the section on evading torpedoes on P134. Noting the acceleration of the torpedo, the first round it is fired it will roll 3D6 + attacking ship's sensors plus 2 (as per P133) plus Tiny Ship bonus (P133) , and if it wins, add Drama Die+2 to its Chase Total. Second round, it will roll 3D6 +2 + sensors plus all those bonuses. 3rd round it will roll 3D6 plus 4 plus sensors plus all those bonuses. Fourth round I'll add another 2, but I'll probably cap it out there (if the chase has not already resolved!!).