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Heading for The Fall (mixing The Expanse)

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  • Heading for The Fall (mixing The Expanse)

    I'm a big fan of non-canonical campaigns, and enjoy mixing and adding stuffs for my Player's enjoyment.

    One of the areas I'm looking to tap is the Eclipse Phase rpg. I think there's a lot of similarity (no artificial gravity plating, for instance) as well as some big differences (resleeving into new bodies, for one).

    A couple ideas I'm looking at:

    1) Protomolocule madness. The various Exsurgent adversaries and ideas all fall into fair game for Protomolocule. There's a ton of overlap.

    2) Ego casting and resleeving into new bodies (morphs) and uploading human minds. All that jazz. This is well beyond The Expanse baseline. But, if you're a GM paying sharp attention to a certain Sebastian Pope's planning, his current goal could easy produce, say, advanced brain mapping as a side discovery ...

    More wild would be having the Protomolocule and Eros Station lead directly to The Fall of Eclipse Phase background. Earth gone? UN relocated?