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    Don't know if this has come up before, but I have been going through the core book and couldn't find much in the way of planet-side transportation for both Earth and Mars. By this I mean what kind of cars and public transportation are available -- cars, buses, trains, monorails, watercraft (Earth), etc. I couldn't find any information other than the chase rules and lifestyles. Are there write-ups for these anywhere? This also lead me to wonder what kind of fuel is available for said vehicles/modes of transport -- fossil fuels, electric, or something else? I haven't read the novels yet and have only watched some episodes when it was on the SYFY channel some time ago, so I am kind of a "noob" for this setting.

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    In the books I remember that electric cars and sub-orbital shuttles are mentioned on Earth, so definitely those at least. As tube trains are mentioned on some of the rock stations I would expect tubes on Earth as well as elevated trains probably.
    Speculating, boats would generally be electric, with ships being fusion powered in my opinion, but as said, that's pure speculation.

    EDIT: There are also mechs in the books.
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      Thanks. Just wish they made such information easier to find. My previous forays into hard sci-fi settings over the years has been Traveller and 2300 AD for the most part. I just wish the book had write-ups for vehicles/transports like they do for space vehicles as I feel that would make planet-side travel and chases easier to handle.