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Ran Salvage Op... and it was great!

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  • Ran Salvage Op... and it was great!

    So I had the pleasure of running the short Salvage Op scenario, recently provided to KS backers, over Skype a week or so back. The players, while experienced gamers, were new to the Expanse RPG (most of them, however, having read the books, watched the series, etc.) and the AGE system in general, but they quickly got up to speed.

    The adventure itself is a nice, open-ended story, that took about 3 hours to complete all up (including character set-up, rules explanation and the like) . Fun time had by all, especially once the players got their heads around the stunt system (amusingly, they initially wanted stunt points for all their rolls, not just for doubles :P) and the antagonists of the scenario were a good, but not overwhelming, challenge.

    While I didn't get any specific feedback on the group's likes and dislikes of the story or the game system, there was player initiated talk about running the campaign once it comes out, which I take to represent a resounding success for a jaded group like this! Well done to the authors and Green Ronin!

    Marcus (Binder)

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    [Take 2]

    So not only did I get to run this cool little scenario over Skype (as my previous post detailed), but now I've also been lucky enough to run it with a real-life group!

    Last Friday, my regular group was up for a one-off scenario of something -AGE (we are in-between campaigns and are 'taste testing' a range of other great games - new and old*). Having had such great success with Salvage Op, I decided to run this again. I had expected that, with a mixed bunch of gamers (some new, some old), the core mechanics and use of Stunt points might take a bit of a time to bed down, but again I was pleasantly surprised how even the most inexperienced gamer (a lovely lady who doesn't always 'get' game mechanics at times) had no trouble in this regard.

    The actual running of the scenario played out much like the previous session, although I did book-end the scenario with a bit more fluff and detail (i.e. the team were hired by a dodgy OPA rep 'Mr Zimmerman' to find the Picus), and the group did split up a bit more in their exploration of the abandoned ship...

    All-in-all, it showed that the Salvage Op is a great adventure, and like my Skype group these guys are keen for more (damn I might have to write-up my own scenario or two)!

    Hat's off again to Green Ronin!


    * - If nothing else this justifies to my loving wife that all the money I spend on RPGs is worth it :P


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      Ran it last Saturday night, nested with Cup Bearer (for the job start). Fun mission ... players had a great time, and one of the crew got caught something fierce by "the cargo". Sickbay fierce, though he'll live just fine.


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        As a player but not GM, I kinda expected some of "the things" to be outside the ship as well... mostly to sneak onto our initial ship. It was a pleasant surprise when everything went well, though dodging torpedoes shortly after kept it thrilling!


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          My group really enjoyed it, and leveraged the heck out of the rest of the cargo with a Ganymede crime lord. On the other hand, they have an in with a certain crime lord on Ganymede.