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  • Another Fan Made Character Sheet

    So after having our first session of The Expanse RPG, I thought I'd make a custom character sheet (linked). It's heavily influenced by the original character sheet, as well as the fan made versions by mrkwnzl and Glazelle found on this forum (big thanks to them).

    I apologize ahead of time that this is not your typical character sheet. To use as intended, you'll need to print at 100% scale, double sided (booklet), on 11x17 paper. This next part isn't necessary, but highly recommended: with the front page face up, z-fold the right hand side over; this will create an 8.5x11 footprint when all folded up.

    Please feel free to advise on any spelling/grammar, changes to the content, etc.

    Happy gaming.

    Edit: Made some tweaks to the character sheet and made it form fillable.
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