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Organization: Null Five

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  • Organization: Null Five

    Howdy All! I was reading through the Modern AGE Companion, and worked up a brief bit on a little OPA-affiliated ("Ya, ya, every belter OPA, que si?") group using the new Organizations rules.

    Null Five (05) is a nasty little group who claim affiliation with the OPA. Something that Anderson Dawes would likely deny, when convenient, as a group of wannabe troublemakers. Specialising in networking among Belter utility workers, and spying through the same, Null Five has recently added a few rockhoppers to their grasp. They plan to use the "quadron" of vehicles to extend their influence past Ceres proper.

    Might: 1
    Wealth: 1 (Rockhoppers)
    Influence: 2 (Blue Collar)
    Intrigue: 3 (Spies)

    Combat Ratings
    Structure: 3
    Stability: 32
    Scope: Local

    Obviously, of less use to folks without the Companion (but hopefully still worth a few ideas).

    Feel free to use for your games as you'd like. I may comment as various NPCs or use happens in my own game.