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Rules Question: Ground Vehicle Chase with Pilot Talent

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  • Rules Question: Ground Vehicle Chase with Pilot Talent

    I had a great game session this past weekend, which ended with a chase. One of the players was using Nico, the pilot, and the chase involved a couple of utility carts.
    • Nico has the Pilot talent that says she can perform Dexterity (Driving or Piloting) tests as a minor action.
    • In the core rule book, on page 91, theres a section on Vehicles in Combat that is specific to ground vehicles, and which says "Operating a vehicle counts as your move action", being a minor action already
    • Under the Chase rules on the following page, it states that each participant must take the Run action, a major action, and make a Dexterity chase test (in the case of a vehicular chase)
    So, if Nico is driving in a chase challenge, does that mean that she can perform the Chase test as a minor action, and then still have a major or second minor action available, but other drivers in the chase who lack the Pilot talent would have to use the major Run action and then only have a minor action remaining?

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    Yes, I think you got it right. In Modern AGE, the Run action is called "Run/Chase", but otherwise works exactly the same.
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      Cool, thanks for the feedback. I got a copy of the Modern AGE Quickstart rules from Free RPG day - sounds like brushing up on other AGE system rules would be useful in arbitrating Expanse RPG rules questions.