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  • Question about advancement

    Hi, I've been reading the Expanse core rulebook since I received it from the Kickstarter. I love the game system and the background chapters are very well done.

    I have a hard time finding a specific information: are there guidelines for the GM to decide when to level characters up. The intro of the Advancement paragraph introduction mentions that the GM can decide to level up at the end of an adventure or during an Interlude, but I can't really find more guidelines about that.

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    I haven't found anything either. Modern AGE gives this advice:

    Originally posted by Modern AGE, page 154
    The timing of a level increase is crucial. Gift a level increase too often and character progression loses gravitas. Rare level-ups lead to players scratching around wondering what exactly they need their characters to accomplish before they become stronger.

    GMs may award levels whenever they choose, but some suggestions include permitting characters to level up after they achieve a major campaign or personal goal, they hit a milestone in the plot, defeat an enemy boss, or perform an impressive action as a cohesive team.
    Personally, I suggest one level up after every adventure.
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      My interpretation of it was similar to mrkwnzl - after every adventure. Of course, as the GM you have the ability to level characters up earlier if you want to, perhaps ahead of some big threat you know is coming, or just so players can experience leveling faster for short series. If you prefer a more finite way, one think I've been thinking about is a table based on fortune spent over time. That has the upside of giving players more incentive to spend it, kind of like how the Apocalypse system encourages dice rolls by rewarding exp for failed tests.


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        Personally, I was thinking of just using the xp reward system used in Dragon AGE to determine when characters can level up. I know that 5th edition D&D also allows for leveling after adventure completion, but I guess I am just too set in my ways using experience point leveling. Now to get back to reading/studying the core rule book.


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          Originally posted by FSchuttee View Post
          Personally, I was thinking of just using the xp reward system used in Dragon AGE to determine when characters can level up.
          I don't know if the rules are the same in Dragon Age, but I actually use the rules from Fantasy/Modern AGE. I like that the amount of XP depends on how challenging a scene was. And my players seem to like it, as getting XP feels like progress to them.
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            I believe that's pretty much the xp system in Dragon AGE. My players also like xp-based advancement for the same reason.


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              The character sheet has an entry for “Experience” whilst the Rewards chapter says nothing about gaining levels. So you get a single line of text on the topic. I think they blew the page count and dropped it.