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Rules Question: What does "(CORE)" mean in the stunts tables?

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  • Rules Question: What does "(CORE)" mean in the stunts tables?

    Beginning on page 95, all of the stunts tables contain one or more stunts with "(CORE)" preceding the stunt name. I can't find any other reference to this terminology in the rulebook. How is a core stunt different from a non-core stunt?

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    There is no actual difference, as far as I can tell. They are meant as the go-to stunts that work in most situations in which they are appropriate, in case you can't decide on a stunt.
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      From Green Ronin has said in regards to CORE stunts:

      Every stunt list has labeled Core Stunts. These have low or variable costs, and are generally useful, so when you can't decide on your stunts, these are your picks.


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        Thank you for the link, GMJosh. That's helpful. Seems like I'll have to start digging through the blog a bit deeper since this is my first foray into the AGE system and there seems to be a lot of errata in the blog. Do you know if there's a convenient primer that talks about common rules/errata across all AGE-based games?

        Similarly, some stunts list two effects, one marked Simple and the other Detailed. Is this at GMs discretion? Or is one for simple tests and one for advanced/challenge tests?


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          I'm so glad it wasn't just me ... spent 15 minutes yesterday in the garden reading trying to find the core explanation in the rulebook.

          There shouldn't be any tag style term not defined in a main sourcebook.... if its not important enough to define its not important enough to be included.