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  • Rules Question: Cover

    On Page 90, I need some clarification on how the cover rating scale (1-3 + Total) works. Is there a mechanic that moves it up or down? Or is the rating PC choice (at DMs discretion) since there’s both a boon and a penalty for each level. Like maybe one could take total cover but chooses 1 instead to get a little armor w/o too much penalty.

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    I've had the same question for Modern AGE (, but I haven't gotten an answer there.

    I'm guessing that it's mostly GM fiat based on the situation the character is in. I think it's sensible to have a PC choose a lesser protection in exchange for a lesser penalty.

    The other way is via the Take Cover stunt.
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      Thanks for your input, mrkwnzl. I tried going with player choice in a couple run throughs of Cupbearer and it seemed to work well. Players understood what the trade off was, and all I had to do as GM is make sure they understand what levels of cover were available in any given scenario.