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  • Rules Question: Cover

    On Page 90, I need some clarification on how the cover rating scale (1-3 + Total) works. Is there a mechanic that moves it up or down? Or is the rating PC choice (at DMs discretion) since there’s both a boon and a penalty for each level. Like maybe one could take total cover but chooses 1 instead to get a little armor w/o too much penalty.

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    I've had the same question for Modern AGE (, but I haven't gotten an answer there.

    I'm guessing that it's mostly GM fiat based on the situation the character is in. I think it's sensible to have a PC choose a lesser protection in exchange for a lesser penalty.

    The other way is via the Take Cover stunt.
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      Thanks for your input, mrkwnzl. I tried going with player choice in a couple run throughs of Cupbearer and it seemed to work well. Players understood what the trade off was, and all I had to do as GM is make sure they understand what levels of cover were available in any given scenario.


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        My take: If there's no rating 3 cover to be found (e.g.) wherever the characters are located, then it should not be player's choice... Different objects provide different cover.


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          As stated by mrkwnzl, I believe that this is a GM's discretion as most of this game is Abstract. How I have been using the Cover Ratings is what I believe the Cover is worth. For example, if you are hiding behind a wooden crate, bullets would probably be able to penetrate this. This would be considered Rating 1, giving the PC +2 Armor and a -1 Penalty to Attack. Now, if you are in a spaceship using metal doors and corners to cover yourself, I would most likely consider this a Rating of 2 or 3 depending on the construction of the metal that I have determined. Want to shoot through the boxes or the metal, at someone, well you would receive the appropriate negative penalties to ranged attacks. The only time I have considered anything Total cover is when someone is being stealthy or sneaking and has not been seen yet. Once that person has been seen or fires first, that Rating would change to a 1 - 3 scale. Rating really means nothing from what I can gather, other than giving the GM a relatable scale on how to provide said bonuses. This seems to be a trend in this book as most things are abstract. Now, the reason I use Total Cover ONLY for stealth is because if the enemies have armor piercing rounds, than typically anything in the 1-3 range would be ignored. Realistically, if armor piercing rounds go through pretty much anything, than there is nothing that can really give you full total cover (other than what you come up with in your mind.)