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Rules Question: Rolling Over

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  • Rules Question: Rolling Over

    p. 89 Rolling Over: It's unclear to me when exactly a character can no longer choose to roll over.

    The rule states "once you begin applying damage from an attack that has the potential to take you out, it's too late to roll over," but that raises two questions:

    1) What's an attack that has the potential to take you out?
    2) When do you begin applying damage?

    The Applying Damage section begins with subtracting the target's Toughness from the damage, so does that mean I can choose to roll over after the dice have been rolled, but before subtracting Toughness?

    Is an attack that has the potential to take me out one that exceeds my Toughness, and if so, how am I supposed to determine that before subtracting Toughness from the damage?

    Or, is an attack that has the potential to take me out one that could exceed my toughness if the damage roll is high enough, and I have to decide to roll over before the dice are rolled?

    Are both of those wrong, and I can still choose to roll over as long as I haven't yet chosen to take an Injury, or at some other point in the process?

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    The way I read it, the attack that has the potential to take you out is a Player judgment call. I'd expect based on how many Fortune one has left, and what sort of weapon one's facing. If one's looking down the barrel at a 2d6 damage with only a few fortune points and low Toughness, one might assume. Likewise, if low Fortune and already Injured, etc. I'd assess it based on my effective Toughness, since it's the post-Toughness damage that will do me in.

    The second I read as before the damage dice are rolled. So, the bad guy hits my PC with a successful rifle attack, and I figure between my low current Fortune and my current Conditions, the rifle hit is likely to take me out. I tell the GM I want to Roll Over before they roll those damage dice.

    I think one can roll over at any time, even if they not taken any Conditions. The attack needs to succeed, and then ... Roll Over. The trade off is being out of the scene, effectively, for saying how - so, not Dying is what most folks would be looking for.


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      Reading the space combat rules, I have to say that the most logical interpretation is indeed that the choice has to be made before the damage dice are rolled.

      That makes it logical that the "potential to take you out" is an attack that could take you out if the roll were high enough to exceed toughness.

      It would still be nice to get an official ruling on this, as the wording in the rules is vague at best. Is that even something that happens anymore in these forums? I see the last official response here appears to have been back in March, and a question from almost a month ago remains without an official answer.