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    Howdy All,

    Hoping to have at least a mini-campaign of The Expanse kicking off tomorrow. My group's agreed to give the game a try. Two are big fans of the books and show, and a third is interested in trying an AGE game. They're all seasoned gamers, so I'm not expecting any issues.

    I'm looking to use the pregens from the GM Kit and Quickstart. My current plan in to open with Cup Bearer (from the Quick Start), and follow-up up with The Ganymede Insurance Job (GM Kit). I'm not sure if I'll use To Sleep, Perchance to Dream (from the Core Rules) as the third or not, but wanted to avoid any science weirdness for the first session or two (esp. as it's been an element of other non-Expanse sessions lately).

    Anyone else planning a new campaign (mini or otherwise) and care to share?

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    So, as it worked out I started that one campaign with Cup Bearer, and going into The Ganymede Insurance Job.

    I'm a 4th session in a separate campaign, and started that with The Ganymede Insurance Job. They they went on To Sleep, Perchance to Dream, then Cup Bearer / Salvage Ops (or more like Cup Bearer start / Salvage Ops / Cup Bearer).

    With the absolutely fun subplot for The Ganymede Insurance Job, as well as the number of ways to approach the main plot / target, I think it'd be my nod for campaign kick-off (as well as one-off).