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GM Screen wrong general combat stunt chart?

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  • GM Screen wrong general combat stunt chart?

    I just received the GM Pack and i am horrified by the fact that at least the general combat chart on the inside seems to be a very early version. It still speaks of Health instead of Fortune and it gives you the possibility to Kill someone directly with 5 Stuntpoints and a succesful contested roll.

    Is there any chance to get a corrected version? It was pretty expensive to get!! So i would really liket o have a correct one.

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    I just got my printed GM Pack today. It looks like there's a few extra rows to the General Combat Stunts on the GM Screen (GM facing). It looks to have all the correct entries for The Expanse, actually - the problem is it then has four redundant rows. It should end with the first "Wound" (5 SP Cost). The additional four rows include the "Maim [Gritty]" and "Instant Kill" from Modern AGE, and should just be ignored.

    The player-faced reference card doesn't have the additional rows, and seems to be correct.

    I'm a bit disappointed to have a typo on my GM screen, but it hardly reduces the value for me and is easily overlooked. I expect Green Ronin will get an updated PDF in the near future.


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      I'd love to see less space combat on there and more general stuff. I made my own third panel that included: Item Qualities, Item Flaws, Belter Creole Phrases, and a Attack Roll Modifiers and Moral panel. I would have also liked to include the random tables under the Cast of Thousands sidebar on page 13 in the Quickstart, as that would be useful for random NPCs that come up in the course of game play, but I didn't have room the first time I put it together. A list of conditions would also be more useful there than space combat rules, I think, IMO.