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FreeRPG Day in The Expanse

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  • FreeRPG Day in The Expanse

    I was chatting with my local store manager, and they were highly interested in playing a game of The Expanse, and I wanted to run one ... so, I'm now running a game of it for FreeRPG Day this year. Now, I just need to decide and prep the scenario ...

    Anyone else looking to run a FreeRPG Day game? Mine will be at Black Diamond Games, in California.

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    Nice! I'll be running a game of The Expanse for FreeRPG Day at my LFGS, Darkside Comics and Games, in Sarasota, FL. I did a test run with my regular gaming group on Monday, and I've been reading the manual and doing game prep for the last few days. I'll be running Cupbearer.


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      Just back from a fun game of The Expanse at the local store. I had one set of players - a couple, both experienced gamers - and let them run two primary pregens and used the rest as "troupe style" as needed. Super fun time, and they made good work of The Ganymede Insurance Job. I had been planning to use Cup Bearer, from the quickstart, but realized it dealt with some adult topics (brothels and sex-work) ... which, while fun at my private game, might not be an awesome introduction for a kid friendly space.

      The Players really enjoyed the session, system, and setting. They were new to The Expanse entirely, but left buying a copy of the rulebook, with plans to read the The Expanse books (or audio books) or check out the tv series. Good times.