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  • Rules Question: Medic

    I have a question about the Novice level Medic specialization. The core book says:
    "Novice- Your treatment allows a patient to add your Intelligence (and Medicine focus, if any) to a test to avoid or overcome a medical hazard, or grants the patient a new test to overcome that hazard, if there is one. This includes saving a patient from dying and reviving an unconscious character. "

    What exactly does that mean in action? What is a medical hazard? Something like a radiation exposure? What are the requirements for removing dying/unconscious conditions?
    When you couple that with the expert level:

    Expert- "If you treat a patient, you can alleviate the effects of the exhausted, fatigued, injured, or wounded conditions. This takes an advanced TN 11 Intelligence (Medicine) test (threshold 5) with each roll taking one minute. If you succeed, the patient ignores the effects of those conditions for 1d6 hours. The conditions are still present, however, and the effects return when the duration ends or if any of the conditions worsen, such as an injured character becoming wounded, for example."

    If it requires expert level to only temporarily take care of the effects of injured and wounded, what exactly happens when you're a novice and trying to treat someone who is dying/unconscious?

    I thought it was super helpful the way the book gave examples for handling damage in combat, and I would love to see a similar example for recovering from said damage after combat!

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    I just tried to figure it out. It kind of seems as if they forgot to explain the First Aid action which is mentioned as an example for a major action.

    As for the medical hazards, I think they mainly mean "Illness, Toxins & Radiation" from page 205.
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      Hello, I just recently got my copy of The Expanse RPG and my play test group and I were stumped on first aid. It's clearly mentioned as an action needed to stabilize dying characters, but no mention of it is given in the rules.


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        Ok, well the Modern AGE First Aid action is a Major Action (Modern AGE, p37), and lets a character make a TN 11 Intelligence (Medicine) test. On a success, the target heals Health = Stunt / Drama Die result + Medic's Intelligence. Gritty mode has it TN 13, and recover only Intelligence (no Stunt Die bonus).

        I think for The Expanse, I'll use that as the First Aid action for someone with a Dying Condition: Make a TN 11 Intelligence (Medic) roll to stabilize.

        I might also allow a First Aid action to provide Fortune boost, similar to a Breather. In this case, there needs to be lose Fortune, and a First Aid action with a successful TN 11 Intelligence (Medicine) test provide a 1d6 (Drama Die result) + Intelligence.


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          I agree with mrkwnzl, it definitely feels like it was overlooked. The term "first aid" comes up 4 times in the core rulebook PDF, once describing an accessory for a life support suit, once as an example of a major action, and twice while describing the Dying condition. In my latest game we had a player who had to take the injured condition right before a chase, and there didn't appear to be any game mechanism to treat that temporarily in a party that didn't have a character with the medic talent.