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Effective and Fast qualities on tool kits and workshops

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  • Effective and Fast qualities on tool kits and workshops

    We just played our first game of The Expanse this week and had a whole lot of fun. We played one of the published adventures and really enjoyed it. We are eagerly looking forward to getting our hard copies this week.

    On to my question… As equipment in this game is done somewhat differently from most other games, I was hoping I could get a few takes on item qualities as they relate to non-weapon/armor items. Effective give a +50% increase in output while Very Effective gives +100%. Fast halves the time it takes to use an object. While most of the qualities are very clear on how they affect items used in action time, it is less clear to me how these properties would apply to tool kits and workshops. In the description of tools, it says an Effective workshop “creates more effective work.”

    In terms of a tools and workshops, what seems reasonable on how these items would work with Fast and Effective when (a) maintaining/fixing or making items, and (b) repairing a ship during the damage control phase of ship combat?

    My initial thoughts for Effective/Very Effective would be adding +1/+2 or +50%/+100% to the drama die towards the success threshold when performing advanced tests, though this doesn’t quite fit with the description under tools. Going by the description for Effective under tools could instead imply adding 1 or 2 qualities when building an item, but I am not sure how it would work when repairing a ship.

    Fast is a little trickier. Maybe instead of 1 roll you could get 2 rolls for the same period of time, or even (again) add some value to the drama die for advanced tests?

    I welcome any feedback or suggestions. Thanks in advance!