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Aliens and Advanced Tech

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  • Aliens and Advanced Tech

    After having made 2 characters I am really kind of liking the system. =)
    I am liking the randomness and what sort of characters came of it.

    * The first character a a former Martian Military Information Security Specialist now out for redemption.
    * The second character came out as a upper class call girl working to advance the OPA.

    I know this is really beyond the scope, but I would kind of like to see the following options available for player characters:

    * alien species list
    * advanced tech

    ... so we can use this system for games beyond The Expanse universe. =O

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    The AGE games are mostly compatible to each other. You’ll find some things like alien backgrounds and extraordinary abilities (cyberware) in the Modern AGE Companion. No laser guns or space ships, though.
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      Good to know.
      I wonder how compatible they are, especially balance wise?


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        Depends on what you mean with “balance”. The rules are virtually the same, with very few dials set differently. You can use any background/race from Fantasy AGE, Modern AGE, or Blue Rose and use them in The Expanse. For example, in Fantasy AGE, you roll twice on the race benefits table, while in The Expanse you roll only once on the background benefits table. In Fantasy AGE, the PCs get some minor additional abilities (mostly dark vision). But that's it.

        If you worry about balance between players (as in they stay at comparable levels of competence), there shouldn't be a problem as long as all PCs get the same benefits. If you worry about the balance between PCs and NPCs, don't. There's no such thing. If you give the PCs more and better abilities, remember that when you design an encounter, but don't sweat it.

        That being said, the AGE games aren't too concerned about either kind of balance in the first place, as far as I can tell.
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