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Bonus on Degree of Success at Level 6

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    Re: Bonus on Degree of Success at Level 6

    The quote is:

    "If you are level 6 or higher and you have the focus involved with the test, you can add the focus to the Stunt Die when determining the degree of success."

    That's it. I am also saying that I would allow it to affect advanced tests as well. But this is, strictly speaking, an extension of the rule above, since otherwise, DoS has no function in an advanced test.

    Mentions of "the Stunt Die" may or may not fold into the above. This is AGE; the GM's opinion matters. It should not however generate more SP. I will also note you shouldn't use it for Capacity checks on firearms, though.

    To sum up: If you are being strict, this *only* applies to the degree of success as measured by the Stunt Die. I *recommend* you apply it to advanced test progress. I *suggest* you apply your own judgment in other areas. I *caution* it should not be used for SP or Capacity checks.


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      Re: Bonus on Degree of Success at Level 6

      Thank you for taking your time with me, Malcolm. Iím still learning the rules and the game, all the while I try to sell it to my players, which makes it a bit hard to experiment. They suffer a bit from Stunt paralysis.

      But Iíll try using this bonus for the most part. I think I wonít let this bonus affect the SA/A damage, as this stunt die bonus damage is a function of the property of SA/A firearms, rather than the success of the character. Plus, thereís still a bunch of other sources for extra damage for the characters. But for the rest, Iíll try to incorporate it and see where it leads us.

      Thanks again!
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