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  • Help fleshing out an idea

    hello all

    so I am new to Modern Age but have played a crap ton of Dragon Age.

    My idea is to take the plot of Dreamweb ( a 90s PC game ) and make it into a few sessions of joy

    if you are unaware of the story please see

    Basically the players enter a Dreamweb and get missions from some monks, however the Police are just finding bodies and tracking the PCs. The final scene is the players leaving the church and the police surrounding them.

    This is the game ending

    I see this for 1 or 2 players with several key scenes...basically the players need to eliminate 7 evil guys ( or are they ). The scenes are as follows

    Scene 1 : Enter the Dreamweb
    Scene 2 : 1st Evil - A Rockstar in a penthouse
    Scene 3 : 2nd Evil - at a TV Studio
    Scene 4 : 3rd Evil - In large Company high-rise
    Scene 5 : 4th Evil - house destroyed and find this person killed by 7th Evil
    Scene 6 : 5th Evil - Beach House
    Scene 7 : 6th Evil - Church and find this person killed by 7th Evil
    Scene 8 : 7th Evil - Final fight

    Post Credit scene - as leaving the building Police / SWAT surround them

    So my questions are around how to make each of the parts zing as it were? anyone got any good ideas on fleshing these out?

    thanks in advance
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    Re: Help fleshing out an idea

    According to the story in the link, it wasn't hard to defeat each enemy. He just had to overcome his human nature and believe that they are a great evil and killing them would be beneficial. The hard part was navigating around each location and overcome something different at each place.

    Maybe a simple layout map of each location would help set the scene and show that each scene is more than just another location.