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  • Isolation: Modern Age campaign

    Here are my notes for the campaign I am in the process of creating. It is my turn to GM and the players are going to get 'the business'. Thoughts, comments, likes and dislikes all welcome.

    Isolation is an Urban Fantasy setting set on an alternate Earth that has similarities to the Trigun manga and anime, the movies: The Postman and Book of Eli, the Battle Royal online games PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds and H1Z1 King of the Kill, and the biblical Book of Revelations, among others. It is not a biblical post apocalyptic world, but a pre-apocalyptic modern biblical world.
    There is no God, but the Divine Being. There is no Satan, but Old Splitfoot. The Agents of Doom have tolled the bell of the End Times and the players must prevent the forces of darkness from succeeding in their goal of destroying the world by letting Old Scratch onto Earth. It is said that any being with divine power that is allowed on Earth, reality itself will be unmade.

    Here is some other media that will give the players more ideas of the background of the world.
    Angels & Demons: Dan Brown novel, Bleach: manga, A Certain Magical Index: manga, Chicken Soup for the Soul: semi-religious testimonial books, Constantine: comics and movie, Da Vinci Code: Dan Brown novel and movie, Dogma: Kevin Smith movie, Hellboy: Mike Mignola comic and movie, Highway to Heaven: television program, Odd Thomas, Dean Koontz novels, Poltergeist: movie (based loosely on the events experienced by a 1958 New York family, the Hermanns), Soul Eater: manga, The Stand: Stephen King novel and movie.

    Isolation uses Modern Age rules in Gritty Mode.

    2020- The bell tolls
    2021- Decay, Disease, Radiation and Havoc; the Agents of Doom corrupt the land.
    2025- Isolated areas are under the influence of the Agents of Doom. The Agents of Doom are the heralds of the Black Spy. When they complete their goals, then Old Scratch will appear and unmake reality. The world cannot help those in these closed off areas other than the occasional supply drop. EMP, radiation, the soulless, biohazards all prevent the isolated areas from receiving much help.

    General Notes:
    -Worship by the members of the faithful have pit themselves against the dark forces. They worship the Divine Being. They are fighting the forces that are trying to summon Old Mr. Grim. (Gentleman in Black, Black Spy, Old Scratch, Old Splitfoot, Old Mr. Grim, or the Deuce.)

    -In the isolated areas there is no electricity or anything that uses transistors. Basic chemistry, steam power, gears and levers are the predominant technology. Fuel sources, such as gasoline or fuel oil, are running out. Animal drawn transportation, as well as the humble bicycle, are major forms of locomotion. Then, there is magic. Magic breaks all rules… except where is doesn’t.

    -This world is not a post-apocalypse wasteland. The Apocalypse is just starting and it is affecting only small areas.

    -Electromagnetic energies are suppressed. This allows magical energies to flood the land and those who know how can make use of the arts.

    -Soulless are people who have had their Prefrontal Cortex damaged by disease. They cannot be reasoned with and are at the mercy of their environment. Unless they can find a constant source of food, they will die in a couple of weeks. They are mindless monsters who will attack anyone nearby.

    -Planting is necessary to sustaining the populace of the Greater Basin Valley. Everyone spends time in the fields. Those who refuse may find themselves banished to the wastes.

    -Life changed for many people and those with former useful skills, such as Network Administrator, are no longer needed. Harsh choices have to be made and creative methods for survival have to be considered.

    -Without computers, paper is absolutely important again. Trees are too important to waste on writing materials so flax is grown. Cotton requires a warmer environment.

    -Money is useless. Barter is king. Scrap is as close to a currency as you can get.

    -Mostly a sandbox survival world. Very little meta-plot beyond setting concept.

    -Replace generic monetary system with Scrap values system.

    -The Greater Basin Valley contains one medium city and several large towns and a few villages and stopovers. About 55 square miles.

    -Demons are not divine and cannot unmake reality. They chose to leave while Old Scratch was thrown out and still retains his ‘divinity’.

    Player Starting Kit
    1 Medical kit
    1 .22 pistol
    7 Food Parcels (7 days)
    1 leather duster or jacket
    1 motorcycle helmet
    1 baseball bat
    5 scrap
    1 chemical (vial)
    1 Holy Symbol
    1 set of clothing (standard quality)
    1 burlap sack
    1 mountain bike

    Arcana works against most beings while Psychic works only against other humans, or live beings that were once human. "It's Evil! Cleanse it with Fire! Burn it!"

    Religious Orders of the Divine Being
    These religious orders hold sacred ancient information about magic. With magic appearing in the world once more, they dust off the tomes and learn for the greater good. Each orders has access to certain tomes.

    Arcana Orders:

    Order of the Divine Sepulcher
    1. Divination Arcana
    2. Power Arcana

    Order of the Preordained Peace
    1. Protection Arcana
    2. Healing Arcana
    3. Illusion Arcana

    Order of the Holy Choir
    1. Machine Arcana
    2. Fire Arcana

    Psychic Orders:

    Order of the Endless Agonies
    1. Cryokinesis
    2. Empathy
    3. Telepathy

    Order of the Broken Covenant
    1. Extrasensory Perception (ESP)
    2. Psychic Projection
    3. Shielding

    Order of the Sacred Retribution
    1. Pyrokinesis
    2. Telekinesis

    Supply Drop Sites

    Level 1 Site
    1. Small Caliber ammo [2d6 clips or speed loads] (roll on small caliber chart)
    2. Leather duster or jacket
    3. Flares (d6)
    4. Lead pipe
    5. Backpack (roll on backpack chart)
    6. Helmet (roll on helmut chart)

    Level 2 Site
    1. Ammo [d6 clips or speed loads] (roll on ammo chart)
    2. Flak vest
    3. Medical Kit (d6)
    4. Duct Tape (d6 uses)
    5. Backpack (roll on backpack chart)
    6. Helmet (roll on helmet chart)

    Level 3 Site
    1. Large Caliber ammo [2d6 clips or speed loads] (roll on large caliber chart)
    2. Kevlar vest
    3. Medical Kit (d6)
    4. Duct Tape (d6 uses)
    5. Backpack (roll on backpack chart)
    6. Stim pills

    Small Caliber
    1-3. Weapon (roll on weapon chart)
    3-6. Ammo (roll on ammo chart)

    Ammo Chart
    1. Large Caliber
    2-4. Small Caliber
    5-6. Shotgun

    Backpack Chart
    1-2. Small (20 lbs.)
    3-5. Standard (40 lbs.)
    6. Military style (60 lbs.)

    1-2. Motorcycle (impact only)
    3-4. Steel pot
    5-6. Kevlar

    tool kit
    med kit (d6 uses)
    Stim pills (d6 uses)
    Duct tape (d6 uses)
    Superglue (d6 uses)

    Thanks for reading!!

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    Re: Isolation: Modern Age campaign

    My players have been slowly checking in with their concepts.

    First we have the obligatory fire mage. Once a power-gamer... well, you know... we have fun anyway.

    The next is someone who wants different starting equipment. A bow instead of a pistol. When I looked into it more I realized why. The rules for Long Bow are pretty bad. They must have done a google search and used that info. I know a few archers and they tell me no archer will take a shot in hunting for more than 30-40 yards. The book entry says 200 yards and 400 yards with a minus 2. These ranges are max distance you can get an arrow, not how far you can realistically hit something. Long bowmen used to rain arrows on an enemy, they were not targeting a specific person. I like everything that Modern Age represents, however some rules take abstraction to new levels. Not game breaking, I guess. I approved the change. My players usually bite themselves with their overly aggressive behavior anyway.


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      Re: Isolation: Modern Age campaign

      In my continuing research, I have uncovered more facts from this alternate earth. More is certainly to come...


      Verity City
      The only actual city in the Great Basin Valley. This is the place of the strongholds of the Orders of the Divine Being. Strict order is kept here and anyone wishing to have sanctuary here must abide by the city's rules. Mandatory field duty is a requirement of every able bodied worshiper.

      Grand Priest Killian Kincaid is the highest earthly authority in the Order of the Divine Being. It is said he is the only person that can summon an angel. His mastery of one magic discipline from each Order is allegedly a rumor.

      The Saints
      Gang that wear plate armor and will attack anyone other than their own because they assume that everyone is tainted by evil. They favor melee weapons although the occasional crossbow can be seen among their ranks.

      Paragon Bellamy Michele' is their leader. He is Master of 2 magical disciplines.

      The Saint's territory is at the edge of the Great Basin Valley in the southwest. Their village is actually on a high promontory overlooking the valley watching for Supply Drops from outside. The village is called Resolution.

      The Aardvarks
      Gang of scavengers. They can strip scrap faster than anyone alive and build anything you can imagine. Their underground village contains a factory that never stops creating. They aren't violent, but they do have a lot of guns. Their village of Widget is in the east.

      Edgy Al is their leader.

      The Wastes
      This refers to the area directly outside of the Great Basin Valley. The land is dying due to the influences of the Agents of Doom. Old Scratch’s demonic forces marshal there waiting for the right time to attack. The demons are capable of controlling the soulless and use them as fodder for their army.

      Archfiend Krager is holding thrall over all demons and they hate him for it. They work their own machinations to gain power to wrest control from Krager. So far no one has come close.
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        Re: Isolation: Modern Age campaign

        Meeting zero was held and we have the following characters: (I didn't collect the physical characteristics but I did get their general mindset.)

        Max was a member of the clergy but lost his faith. He joined the military arm of the Order of the Preordained Peace. He learned Illusion Arcana because he believes that all life is sacred and wants to prevent anyone from getting hurt.

        Tallarn was a brawler in the past and that has not changed. He wants to fight for the world and also pledged his loyalty to Order of the Preordained Peace and learned Protection Arcana. His street senses allows him to find trouble and then get out of trouble.

        Serge' was a star athlete who feels his skills can be used for the greater good. He met Tallarn while the world was going to hell and followed him into the Order of the Preordained Peace and has also learned Protection Arcana. Serge' doesn't know where life will take him but he will not allow darkness to win if he has any say. Serge' prefers to use a baseball bat for defense and his enemies has found his skill to be lethal.

        Gerhardt's explorer roots serves him in this changed environment. He leads missions through the Great basin Valley for the Order of the Sacred Retribution and has learned Pyrokinesis. He uses his Power to protect those he leads and will not think twice before burning heathens to a crisp.

        Chumlie has many skills from the past including technician, friend, lover, and egomaniac. His new skill came from joining the Order of the Preordained Peace. He met many new friends and will use Healing Arcana to keep them alive in their work. For protection Chumlie prefers using a composite bow.

        The current missions has the group looking for the Drop Site to recover supplies from the outside before the local gangs and groups can get to it. These supplies will go a long way in ensuring dominance.

        The adversaries:

        The Braves
        This gang formed from a group who had a philosophy that advocated a return to nature. They were not made up of any specific racial group but from people who had to make tough decisions in order to survive. Before the Bell Tolled, some in this gang were stock brokers. They claim territory in the central east of the Great Basin Valley. Their technology level is primitive and have very few firearms. They force anyone they capture to work their fields.

        Chief Samuel Herman rules with an iron fist and does not tolerate dissent. His second is the gang’s shaman, Juniper Willowtree. She practices Wild Powers because she was not able to learn from texts. Wild Powers are harder to cast. They did not learn Powers from the Order of the Divine Being’s secret archives.