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Psychic Specialization [PEACH]

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  • Psychic Specialization [PEACH]

    In setting, psychic characters must start with the ESP power. Extrasensory Perception is the first step toward gaining further psychic powers, though most people with even rudimentary ESP never go beyond the very basics. PCs and important NPCs are an obvious exception. The setting is going to be using some of the optional rules (the big blue box on like page 92), mainly that a character only gains PP when they gain a new level in a psychic talent (including novice), as per Limited Power Point Gain. This information seems pertinent to the Spacialization

    Requirements: ESP at Expert, or ESP at Novice and at least one other Psychic talent at Novice or higher.

    Novice: You gain an additional 6+WIL Power Points.

    Expert: You can use the Skillful Power stunt for 1 SP instead of 2. When you use the Powerful Manifestation stunt, treat it as if you’d spent 1 SP more – although you must spend at least 1 SP on it in order to gain this bonus.

    Master: Permanently increase your Force by 2.